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Vacations by Ikea

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Ever been on a road trip with your toddler and thought, I just wish I had a place I could let him/her run free while I snacked on some fabulous Swedish Meatballs and Lingonberry juice? I wouldn’t be shocked if you said no, but for those who answered yes, Ikea is your spot.

Pushing a cart through a maze of furniture with strange names is probably not on your list of dos for a family road trip, but lots of fun for kids, food for all ages, and nice clean facilities are most likely top priorities!

Here are three reasons you should consider adding a stop at Ikea to your next family road trip itinerary:

  1. Ikea has strategically opened stores off major highways. Instead of stopping at a traditional rest stop, make your pit stop at Ikea. Enjoy the nice clean family restrooms, baby amenities, and changing tables.
  2. In addition to the ballroom (where you can drop potty-trained kids off for an hour), Ikea cafes have a play area for kids in their restaurants so you can leisurely eat your kids can play while you eat. Sadly, in our household, dinner at the Ikea Cafe with the Toddler regularly constitutes our Friday nights out. On the bright side, we can usually get through entire dinner without a food-throwing incident.
  3. A visit to Ikea can be a comforting activity for the whole family when the weather is bad, you’re road-weary, or you just crave that familiar smell of hot dogs and cinnamon buns.

I am probably over-thinking this whole scenario but wouldn’t it be great if the powers that be at Ikea are Divine Caroline readers and decided to capitalize on this fabulous idea? I really wouldn’t mind—all I would ask in return is that they put in a wireless connection in their Elizabeth, NJ Cafe so the parents of Northern New Jersey could get a few moments of quality time with their laptops while their children are otherwise occupied.


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