Valet Parking

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When leaving my car at valet parking at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel by Los Angeles International Airport, I was given a ticket. When I retrieved my car later, it was dark and rainy. The next morning I saw the fresh dent on my right front bumper.

I won’t go into detail as to how and why I know the dent was put there by valet parking, but when I put in a claim to the company, I received a letter from Claim Services of Nashville, Tennessee telling me that my claim was denied because the dent was pre-existing and marked on the ticket when my car was first delivered to them. No marks were made on this ticket when given to me. In fact, I have since observed that this practice is never done. They must be added after a claim is made.

Beware Valet Parking.

I hope you can investigate matters such as this one. 


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