Visit Bald Head Island, North Carolina

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Chances are you have never been to Bald Head Island. It’s out of the way, you can only get there by ferry, it’s a little on the slow side and there are no passenger cars. The Island is 12,000 acres—of which 10,000 acres are preserved and will never be developed. Fourteen miles of beautiful North Carolina beaches, including the point of Cape Fear, are yours to enjoy. So why haven’t you heard of Bald Head Island again?

Bald Head Island is my safe haven. It’s the place I go when I need to get away from daily life and recalibrate normal. I know just enough neighbors to feel at home but have just enough distance to maintain my privacy.

The landscape is breathtaking and diverse. Our home backs to the dune ridge and forest with just enough elevation to have an incredible view of the Atlantic and Cape Fear River shipping channel.  The homes aren’t very old—most are constructed within the last 10- twenty years. Someone recently told me that they call Bald Head Island the Nantucket of the South!

We have some restaurants so I can eat out or take out. I love to go to our Market. I always tell people that the market probably has what you are looking for and if not—you probably don’t need it.

I can run or walk, bike or take the golf cart—all without fear of speeders, honking horns or erratic drivers. Golf, tennis and croquet are available. I can swim in the ocean or in one of two island club pools.

Roughly 300 people make Bald Head Island their full time home. Other inhabitants include deer, foxes, raccoons, loggerhead turtles, alligators and over 226 species of birds. Fishing is popular and not usually crowded.

Bald Head Island is where my family makes memories. We aren’t distracted by all of the things that command our attention on the mainland. We don’t even have HBO and we don’t need it. We rediscovered 500 piece puzzles and worn novels on Bald Head Island. I even enjoy doing laundry there!

If you are looking for somewhere to go where you can shed your routine and begin again, I highly recommend Bald Head Island. It will remind you of what’s important and what you really want out of life. These lessons will travel with you on the ferry home and prompt you to schedule your next visit as soon as you hit the mainland.

Try Bald Head Island—you deserve it.


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