Wait (The Affair)

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I said I love you

You said I love you too,

But wait …

You said you want me to be your wife;

Be your life …

But wait …

We spoke of a future

So together we could grow old;

You said you wanted me

And wanted to spend your life with me …

At least that’s the story you told.

I exposed you to my kids and did family

Things; shared their birthdays, Christmas

And took family pictures, I did everything for

You as a wife would … only you weren’t mine

To do all these things with, you were obligated to

Someone else, it was never to me … let me go now,

I need to be free.

You know you weren’t with her when you and I met,

We had our life planned out, had our life set.

To be together over a year then she comes back into

The picture, this hurts … and I asked you to go,

To have you back and forth from my bed to hers, you said it isn’t so

You say she is just there since you share a child … that is okay but why

Not a divorce? Why haven’t you filed? You say she doesn’t love you

And you don’t love her, if this is so, why are you still together and I am alone?

Why do you stay there with her and I am in this empty home?

Remember the nights I spent all alone?

Whether it was sitting by the phone or

Glaring out the window, all I did was wait.

Six years is a long time to ask me to wait,

Now you tell me again to be with you,

To be with you and to be a part of your life

I have to continue to wait on the decision

Of your wife.


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