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The Waterman is someone to be very wary of. He skulks about in the dark evenings and any water he finds on his travels he drinks. Be careful if you meet him for his desire for the liquid is rampant. 

During daylight hours he sleeps, saving his energy for evening time. When he rises from his slumber, it is not blood the Waterman seeks but clean, refreshing water. The water is his lifeline. He “eats and breathes it.” Every mouth-watering drop is pure pleasure and his craving is completely satisfied as soon as his need is fulfilled. He is easily pleased. No one is aware of the Waterman’s lust for the fluid intake which keeps a hold of him. Water to the Waterman is like a drug. The excitement he endures when day surrenders to night cannot be compared. The clear liquid is essential for his survival which he is acutely aware of.

He often wonders what would happen should the supply became depleted. Winter is his favored time. Summer time is the reverse because he has to wait longer hours for the dark nights. The prolonged arduous wait until nightfall for water to reach the Waterman’s lips is an agonizing time. Water to his lips at night is like a taste of champagne!

The Waterman has been known to acquire water from children who are out late with their families. They have been warned but most do not fear the Waterman. They think he is only a figment of people’s imagination. They are wrong! The Waterman acts swiftly and successfully. The victims are taken by surprise. Usually it is a bottle or a glass that has been temporarily set aside, and is then never to be found again by the user. You can hear mumblings all around if you listen carefully. “Where’s that bottle gone?” or “Thought I left that bottle here …” Sometimes the Waterman is watching from nearby with a satisfied grin on his face. He enjoys watching youngsters in the public houses searching for their lost drink while disgruntled parents moan and grumble at them!

He has been known to drink water from people’s gardens, especially if they have a fish pond. You will always know if the Waterman has visited because of an empty pond and the dead fish. No one knows the identity of the Waterman. He hides his identity well.

Beware! He could be next to you!


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