We Look Like an “L”

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Yep, that’s what my four-year-old granddaughter just told me as I was sitting here at the table.

“Hey Grandma we look like an ‘L.’”

As there are four of us sitting here, three of them are eating their 10 a.m. snack. Me, well, I am writing this story.

Let’s see, I discovered that no matter how much you remember about your own childhood, or even your children’s childhood, I’ve forgotten everything. I do not remember even feeding my children or bathing them or outings; all I remember is the aftermath of how they are now.

I live with my eldest daughter and husband. I am their live-in grandnanny. I care for all three of their children every day since the twins were born some four years ago. I will be here doing this for the next three years until the twins go to first grade.

I recently decided that I need a life. I have no friends and I’m too tired to have a social life and don’t make enough money to really do anything fun.

But there is hope. I can look like an “L” as we sit at the table eating snacks, or get new eyelashes from the TV ad my granddaughters are watching in between TV shows.

“Grandma do you want to buy new eyelashes? You’d look really pretty.”

“No, I am good with the ones I have.” Then it’s on to do they need new eyelashes.

The twins are into Barbie and Scooby Doo. They love their Playdoh time like I love coffee.

I guess in all prespective they have the right idea.

“Hey we look like an ‘L.’”


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