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What Is That? Fifteen of the World’s Most Exotic Pets

  • Photo courtesy of Agent Retro/Flickr

    1. Sugar Glider

    These Australian marsupials are curious creatures and much easier to care for than a fussy koala. Easy to snuggle and cute to boot? What’s not to love?

  • Photo Courtesy of pcgn7/Flickr

    2. Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

    I’m not sure why anyone would pay for a three-inch cockroach when he can look under a fridge and find one for free.

  • Photo courtesy of SARhound/Flickr

    3. Hyacinth Macaw

    “What do you call a Scottish parrot?” “I don’t know; what?” “A Macaw!”

  • Photo courtesy of Thor Hakonsen/Flickr

    4. Leopard Gecko

    Look into my eyes … you’re getting very, very sleepy.

  • Photo courtesy of Cherbro1/Flickr

    5. Albino Crocodile

    Extremely rare in the wild, albino crocodiles are vulnerable to predators; they can only survive in captivity.

  • Shu

    6. Kinkajou

    Hey man, it’s a lot of work hanging out on these branches all day. Don’t hate; appreciate!

  • Photo courtesy of hockeybear/Flickr

    7. Raccoon Dog

    Neither a raccoon nor a dog, the Siberian canine faces more danger than flawed classification: many faux-fur garments are really made from raccoon dog fur.

  • Photo courtesy of Ana_Cotta/Flickr

    8. Ocelot

    Here, kitty, kitty … You’re such a cute mini jaguar!

  • Photo courtesy of Chi Liu/Flickr

    Squirrel Monkey

    I am Nosferatu’s cute and furry cousin!

  • Photo courtesy of nasieku/Flickr

    10. Serval

    If you buy one hundred more servals, you’ve got yourself a gorgeous coat! Just kidding.

  • Photo courtesy of Captain Kidd/Flickr

    11. White Lion Cub

    Ranging from blond to pale white, white lion cubs are popular commodities in the illegal wildlife trade (directly leading to their endangered status).

  • Photo courtesy of karenturner/Flickr

    12. Savannah Cat

    Don’t be surprised if your nimble savannah cat runs away to join the circus.

  • Photo courtesy of kaleyali/Fllickr

    13. Lavender Albino Python

    One of the rarest snakes on Earth, this python will set you back 40,000 bones.

  • Photo courtesy of Flickr

    14. Camel Spider

    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this thing crawling through my nightmares.

  • Photo courtesy of mochida1970/Flickr

    15. Macaque (Snow Monkey)

    You must harness your chi, my young grasshopper.


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