What Happens in Vegas ...

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So here is my dilemma. I have been on many, many guys trips to Vegas in celebration of March Madness (annual basketball dream tournament for those of you not in the know). This year has an added twist. Yes, I will still be meeting up with the usual cast of characters, i.e. old college buddies with secrets I have kept hidden for years. But as everyone’s lives have changed and evolved, I have found myself in a peculiar dream scenario with my girl friend coming in for a romantic evening on Thursday and then leaving Friday evening as the guys roll in. I really can’t imagine a better vacation with the mix of romance and mischief.

The problem I face, or should I say the challenge that presents itself, is—do I have the versatility to turn the switch from romance and frolic to party central in such a short turn around? My liver is in for quite an awakening! Consider this a preface to the real story that will follow in a week. At that time, you will get the untold, uncut version of what transpired for better for worse. I am anticipating a rather colorful week with an over indulgence of food, drink … and well, “what happens here, stays here” type of stories. Stay tuned for the middle, climax, and the end to the story.

Sinful for sure, satisfying of course, and newsworthy? I will write about as much as I am able to remember. Time will tell.

What happens in Vegas …


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