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What if Life Was in 3D?

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Oh, wait—it is! And yet, people seem to really enjoy getting their 3D fix from a flat screen rather than from the world around them. It would appear as though this newfound attachment to 3D technology isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, it seems to very much be gaining momentum, taking it to a place of damn-near obsession at this point. Ack!

Now, I thoroughly enjoy many of the animated features that play out in 3D; features with real people in them—not so much. To me, live-action 3D tends to make the actors look totally disconnected from their environments—as if the whole thing had been shot in front of a green screen. I like people interacting with their environments, not standing before a back drop. (That said, I have still not yet seen Avatar in any of its versions, so I plan to revisit this 3D concept after seeing that flick.)

Came across this article today in Variety that indicates 3D might start to wiggle its way into the commercial realm. Because goodness knows our society needs an excuse to become even more intimate with our typically ginormous television sets (sigh). But, please, give it a quick glance (it’s super short!), and I’d love to hear your initial reactions to it, so please comment below.

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