What if they won't let me see the statue of Liberty because my shoes don't go with my dress!

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So, we are almost done with our trip to NYC and just about ready to get home and what does the New York cabbie tell me looking at my luggage " I bet this one is yours ..You women have to pack e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g" . Well, who can argue with a 60 year old cabbie from New York! I wonder what gave it away.Hmm..Was it the pink scarf that I had carelessly tied over my luggage or the fact that mine looked well, how do I put it subtly, ginormous when compared to my better half's luggage that carried all of his three Tees, a shirt, two shorts and one pair of shoes. ONE people, ONE ! Does he NOT know that for every dress you carry , you need to have the perfect shoes. Even if million other bloggers and zillion tourists have specifically asked you to wear comfortable shoes in NY because it requires a lot of walking.

What if someone invites us for dinner at a fancy restaurant and all I have is a 'comfortable' pair of shoes and shorts to wear. And as for my smug husband who obviously was snickering at the cabbie's remarks..Would you want me to spend on shoes in NY , wouldn't it be better if I had packed a dress and a nice pair of sexy heels to go with it? And what if some random magazine reporter is walking around looking for someone for an article on street fashion? Would I want her to pass by me because I was wearing a dress with sneakers..ewww! And oh, I also need to pack all the lip glosses I have, what if I get a tan and that one lip gloss that I did not pack is the one that will go with my 'new' skin tone? What if I have one of those 'fat' days, I would need something NOT sleeveless, so in goes my two other tops with sleeves. What if I have a bad hair day, I definitely need all the hair bands I have! What if I want to go bohemian, don't I need my accessories to finish off the look. What if I wan to do NY chic, I need something in black and a cute sling bag for, don't I? Do you get it, husbands, boyfriends, brothers? Do you get it why we always pack a lot more than needed because we are so good at contingency planning . Don't come crawling to us when you forget your body wash and shampoo at home ;) We ain't sharing!


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