What She Needs

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She wants the moon and the stars
but what she needs are
soft kisses and kind words to
show that she is equal in celestial movement and the way she shines..

She wants to be free of money and time
but what she needs
are hands to hold and
dark eyes that sparkle and see her
naked in morning light; capturing forever the way she smiles..

She wants sunshine days and crystal nights
but what she needs are
summer solstice and winter equinox
to know that she is seasonal
in the way she feels
she needs
cool side glances,
a muscular/soft
body to hold and
press into…
the touch and feel
of love’s sweet sweat;
the heat
of love’s first fire
the sudden embrace of passion..

She wants world peace
but what she needs
is just to know
that she is loved.


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