What Is a Soulmate

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What is a Soul Mate, someone who has been destined to be there right from birth.
But you know sometimes when you love some, it causes it to hurt.
It says people hurt the ones they love.
But if that were true, maybe this was not meant to be, by the Lord up above.

It is the small things you do for each other that is what really counts.
The smile or a wink, to show each other, known  just to each other to show each other’s wants.
It is thinking of them first, and filling there every need.
And the love is returned, because God has planted the seed.

Sometimes love has to take the test of time.
And you have to be there for each other, for whatever reason or rhyme.
So the next time someone special comes your way.
Treat him the way you would what to treated too.

What is love, to me it is a gift from above.
It is a time when no words have to be said.
Because if it was meant to be, it certainly is true love.
Because if their love is strong enough, it will certainly show its worth.

So the next time a person comes along your way.
Treat them extra special, because this could be the one to stay.
I have my true love now and forever more.
And I love him more today, then the day, our vows we did swore.

Dedicated to Danny

Luv u (Starshine)


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