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What Would Indy Do?

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Indiana Jones—everyone’s favorite archaeologist and college professor relentlessly chased by villains in his quest for supernatural artifacts. In his latest adventure, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Jones leaves Nevada to go to Peru in search of a crystal skull, with evil thugs from Russia at his heels. Even if you haven’t seen the flick yet, what you think Indy would do, based on his history?

1. When Indy first sees Marion Ravenwood again:
(a). They embrace
(b). She doesn’t recognize him
©. They bicker
(d). None of the above

2. What is Indy most likely to say to his enemies?
(a). “I liked the Austrian way better.”
(b). “Is there anyone here who speaks English? Or maybe even ancient Greek?”
©. “I like Ike!”
(d). Both A and C

3. Indy once encountered:
(a). Mahatma Gandhi
(b). Che Guevara
©. Pancho Villa
(d). Stalin

4. The card game Indy is most likely not able to play well:
(a). Hearts
(b). Blackjack
©. Poker
(d). He never plays cards.

5. When Indy’s old friend, who accompanied him through much of World War II, deceives him, Indy:
(a). Breaks his nose
(b). Shoots him with a pistol
©. Swings a scimitar
(d). None of the above

6. When caught in quicksand, Indy is most likely helped out:
(a). By Harold Oxley throwing him a shirt
(b). By Henry “Mutt” Williams throwing him a snake
©. By Marion Ravenwood throwing him a rope
(d). He saves himself

7. Indy is most likely going to realize that:
(a). He has a long lost brother
(b). He has a son
©. His father never actually died
(d). A and B

8. If Indy were a spy against the U.S., he would most likely be working for:
(a). Egypt
(b). China
©. Russia
(d). Indy is no commie

9. Jones’s arch enemy, Colonel Irina Spalko, is most likely going to:
(a). Be taken away by aliens
(b). Get caught in a plane’s propeller
©. Be poisoned
(d). Be eaten by crocodiles

10. What would Indy and his companions most likely do with the crystal skull?
(a). Donate it to the British Museum
(b). Give it to Princeton
©. Return it
(d). None of the above

1. C (they bicker)
2. D (both A & C)
3. C (Pancho Villa)
4. C (poker)
5. A (breaks his nose)
6. B (By Henry “Mutt” Williams throwing him a snake)
7. B (He has a son)
8. D (Indy is no commie)
9. A (Be taken away by aliens)
10. C (Return it)


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