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What You Do to Me

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I remember your first day with me
Oh how I had forgotten your touch
If only I could flee!
But that would be asking too much 

Your caresses to my throat were beyond compare
At first I tried to pretend, it meant nothing
It started with a little tickle and grew from there
but soon I could no longer resist anything 

When you came to me, my eyes began flowing
Everything seemed brighter with you
Was there no way to stop this water flowing?
My eyes itch for you anew 

You keep me warm on these cold winter nights
I can feel my temperature rising
My whole body aches’ as if from a fight
But all this is not very surprising 

Your slightest touch brings me fully awake
Would another blanket help or is it to many?
This has to be a big mistake
Perhaps its all just a copper penny 

I get the shakes when you are around
Is there nothing I can do to keep still?
I feel the buildings will all fall down
What happened to all my will? 

You took my breath away
I am so weak when you are near
Am I just your prey?
Now I see things so clear
I even learned to spell you name, pneumonia


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