What's The Time? Oh, Never Mind ...

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If I spent as much time studying math as I did trying to get out of math class, I’d probably be able to figure out this clock. Call me lazy, but I’d rather not figure out a cubed root to realize it’s noon.

Source: The math geeks at

And now for some mostly awful math/programming jokes:

  • F(x)= sin(x) walks into a restaurant and orders some soup. The waiter replies, "Sorry but we don’t cater for functions here."
  • What’s got feathers and goes "Pieces of seven, pieces of seven?" A parroty error.
  • An infinite number of mathematicians go into a bar. One asks for a pint of beer, the next asks for a half. The third asks for a quarter of a pint, and the fourth asks for an eighth of a pint. The barman pours two pints and says "Just sort it out among yourselves".
  • Two kittens are on a roof but both of the are sliding down. which one falls off first? The one with the greatest mew.
  • Why do Java programmers need glasses? Because they can’t C sharp.
  • Why do programmers get Halloween and Christmas confused? Because Oct 31 = Dec 25.
  • Two atoms are shooting the shit one day ATOM 1: Mate, I think I’ve lost an electron. ATOM 2: Are you sure? ATOM 1: Yep, I’m positive.
  • What is the contour interval around western Europe? Zero because all the Poles are in eastern Europe.
  • Some people think the glass is half empty. Some people think the glass is half full. Database admins think the glass is twice the size it needs to be.
  • Your mother is so fat she sat on a Binary Tree and turned it into a linked list in real time.
  • Two spiral galaxies walk into a pub. The landlord says "I can serve you…" (points at the first), "but not you…" (points at the second). "Why not?" – "Because you’re barred."


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