When to Stop Exercising!

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1. You are starting to perspire and if that keeps up, darn it, you may just have to take a shower.
2. You are turning red, white or blue—or all three.
3. Your sports bra is so tight you bruise a rib when you cough.
4. Your thighs are chafing so much they start a brush fire in your tights.
5. Your trainer is screaming at you to forget the whole fitness thing.
6. Your feet are numb and your toenails are dropping off.
7. The elastic on your sweatpants is causing colon cramps.
8. Your iPod earphones have melded into your ear canals.
9. You are having a heart attack.
10. You are so ravenous you can’t wait to wolf down a dozen butter cream frosted, red velvet chocolate chunk cupcakes. Yum.


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