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There is a large open space ~~setting a merefew foot-steps behindall the music and noise of audience, musicians, and the bar…It is many things to many people~~depending on the time;even moment to moment, it's function may change…
This is theBack Patio of The Club..~After passing a few storage doors, and the location for the P&C lines, where people pause briefly to 'chat and~~', it widens, ever so slightly, to alarge area of soft lights,and an array of chairs and tables that could accommodate 20 or so people. "'~And what a beautiful high ceiling!",thought I, when first I saw it..And from time to time,I still have toremind myself, "It's the sky I'm looking at, UP THERE!"
On very crowded nights -up front, it is a "god-sent' for hostess Kate, ~toput the over-flow;with a waitress to serve them. ~~Now that is not an everyday occurrence;but what does go on there consistently, ~~is the gathering every hour, of the musicians, ~for their15minute break! The cave-like furtherest corner comes alive with:Brianhaving his 'late' supper..Scott and Tommaking phone calls home; I assume that is where Anita is at that time of night; ~and I've seen Tom rushing to a phone ~~to callhis NOW, near-teenager, when she was a baby, not going to bed until he called. ~~Brad will be flying about,everywhere! ~Chuckwasn't around on my last visit, but when he is, history and jokes ~will abound!~Barry will light a cigar. I love that smell, so I willlinger, Close!!

Facts and opinions arise.. There'sone~ who will always have a point, ~opposing mine.. Time flies fast,and back they go, to the stage. ~~It is my favorite time, alone on the Back Patio..I come for this moment on first, and then last days, when there in The Quarter.. Plus a few'whenever times' during the week…
Occasionally, just one musician drops back ~~meaning there was a 'sit-in' at his spot. ~~Maybe we have a friendly few minutes; unless it's the one whoALWAYS disagrees with me.. When "he" goes back on stage, I do a 'mock' argument alone and, my side wins, Every Time!
And then there is, my even more,'favorite time' ~~when someone 'up front' says to me, "Let's go talk, out-back, on The Patio!!"
Alone or with friends, we 'own' (so to speak)that patio..Until, here comes Kate,bringing a dozen or so'fresh off Bourbon Street' customers!! As she says, "We have a great patio, back here~~for you all"!!


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