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If I let my heart be …
I’m afraid it might run straight to you,
Whimper and bang against your chest
As if begging to be let in

But that isn’t me
I don’t let my heart be
I can’t stop caring about
The things that must not be

I can’t stop caring about
The people I might hurt
I cannot truly be happy
If more hearts are bleeding
Because of me

But if I let my heart be …
I know it will soar and find you
It will run to you and tell you
All the things I’ve kept from you

It knows love beyond mortal love; Love 
Beyond self; It believes in you beyond belief
It wants you more than it is scared of you
It will do anything just to be with you

But I am not just my heart
I cannot just be my heart
I am not me if I am just my heart
And for that, I am truly sorry.


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