Why Craft Bloggers Are Better than Mommy Bloggers

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I have a craft blog … sort of. It’s also a “Mommy blog” (which is far more marketable, I might add). But sometimes I talk about books I’m reading or even events I’ve attended—neither craft related. So, I don’t fit into a tidy little description.

As the self-professed expert in my neighborhood on blogging, I’m quite often asked if people should start a blog, why they should start a blog, and who will read it (if anyone). My advice is always “Blog about what matters to you.” The most important thing about a blog is that it’s constantly updated. My blog gets updated a lot because I use it to track and motivate my creative side. This is why it’s “mostly” a craft blog. But I also vent about things that happen in my life and update family members (who are mostly all big readers) and friends on what’s going on in my life.

There’s a down side to writing about yourself and it’s that you don’t really fit a tidy category. I know I’ve bored the socks off my father-in-law (who thinks of crafting as a bit of female fluff). And I’m sure my crafty readers without kids have been bored stiff by my long diatribes on life with my children.

For a beginning blogger, I think what you enjoy and blogging about you is what makes a great and fun blog. You’ll enjoy updating it and you’ll have readers. Look to family and friends to start the group and then you’ll be amazed at where it goes from there. Don’t worry about an “audience”; they tend to grow as you write more and more. Don’t forget to comment on other blogs that interest you. Again, enjoying it and finding a community is what blogging is all about.

So, you may ask, why is a craft blogger better than a mommy blogger? Well, I guess I’m a Mom and I’ll always be a Mom, but I don’t have babies anymore and it’s amazing how quickly they grow up. Some of the very most popular Mom bloggers are going to have to take a long hard look at their blogs when the breastfeeding and the cute stories about their little kid’s crazy toddler antics morph into an age where their kids are old enough to be dating, drinking, and other things. Are their kids still going to love being immortalized on the pages of “Mommy’s blog”? Will they still be cute enough to write about? Will they sue Mom when the latest stories appear?

Probably my largest objection to “Mommy Blogs” is how profane and shocking they attempt to be. I realize some people actually live crazy lives and are a bit “rough around the edges”—I have also been known to pull out a swear word occasionally, but are there really that many women like that? I think a lot of them over exaggerate to get attention and for good reading. I get tired of the stories of manic/depressive Moms who take Prozac to make it through their days and agonize over other parents and how they feel about them. Conflict and drama makes good TV, but does it make good blogging?

After reading a fairly scathing article in the New York Times about blogging, several craft bloggers responded, wondering whether they were committing the same “sins” as bloggers who blog about themselves and their families. One of the most insightful articles was from Floresita, who distinguishes between “TMI” (too much information) blogs and craft blogs. One of her points hit home for me and that was the positive spin that craft blogs normally have so they don’t rely on the shocking and the profane.

Craft bloggers range from college age (no kids) to Grandmother’s (kids gone, although I’ve seen baby pictures of grandchildren!). They talk about their lives, but they have lives of their own. I guess I’m a little biased because my life doesn’t revolve around my kids. I have a company I run, along with my creative life, and I also have wonderful husband and kids. They all sort of create a package.

I really do enjoy craft bloggers more than Mommy blogs. Sorry, maybe I’m a minority … however, what I really love is when bloggers appear to actually LOVE their blogs and update it with their real lives and really include us in their creative pursuits. That makes the best blog of all.


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