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Why I Frickin' Love Apple TV

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Besides the Apple iPhone that should be out in June 2007, there has been no other Apple product so anticipated as the Apple TV that came out in March. Yeah, iPods have been the rage for years and they rock, but let me tell you, Apple TV really rocks, and I mean really.

At $300, it’s a little steep for what could be considered just a toy. It’s the kind of thing I might buy after a tax refund, or something I might enjoy when visiting my geeky friends. But I am really lucky. You see, my roommate is technology dork who loves all things Apple, and who happens to make a decent enough living to have ordered two Apple TVs in advance that were delivered to our door on the day they were released—by 10 a.m. Pretty cool.

Basically, what Apple TV does is act as a conduit between your TV and your iTunes content. You can kick it on the couch, turn on the TV, and watch any TV show or movie from your iTunes library. You can listen to your music through your TV. (Right now, you can’t shop at the iTunes store from your TV, but that’s coming.) Imagine lying in bed with your sweetie and you both get the urge to see Dirty Dancing, which isn’t on cable, or OnDemand, or in your Netflix pile. Do you really feel like getting up and going to Blockbuster? I don’t think so.

Instead, you can grab your laptop, go to the iTunes store, download the movie, and you will be watching Baby learning her new moves in minutes. The movies load lightning fast—about ten seconds for a two-hour movie… pretty impressive. Maybe the steamy romance between Johnny and Baby puts you guys in the mood and you would love to get busy with that “Sexy Music” playlist you created last week. Just push a few buttons on the remote, and “Let’s Get It On.”

Oh, and the really amazing thing about this? It’s wireless. Yes, people, it’s wireless—all you need is a router. You can hook up Apple TV and access your iTunes content from any TV in the house. But what if you want to watch something from your roommate’s iTunes library? No problem. You can access any iTunes library within your wireless connection’s reach. Your name even pops up on the screen. I love watching things from “Natalie Josef’s Library.”

We used to have all the movie channels, which cost a butt load of money. We were always missing our favorite shows when our lives were too hectic to make it to the TV at 9pm on a Monday night (Heroes rocks). We were wasting time and energy going to the video store, not to mention the late fees we accumulated when we didn’t want to waste more time and energy getting back to the video store the next day. And, we never even thought to get TiVo, who has TiVo?

Now, we have the TV, Apple TV, and our laptops. If I want to watch the episode of South Park I missed last night, I can download it for $1.99, and own it forever. Or, I can get a Season Pass for the whole season of South Park for less than $20, and each week, they will automatically download into my iTunes library. They even send me an email when they are ready to be viewed.

The coolest thing happened the other day. My roommate and I were watching the pilot of The Riches (my new favorite obsession) in his room. He fell asleep ten minutes into it (not because it sucked but because he gets up at 5 a.m. every morning) and I wanted to finish watching it in my room. I left the show running in his room and went into my room and got all cozy in bed. Then, I started the show in my room. The technology was advanced enough to play the same show at the same time, even though I started mine about twenty minutes after the one going in his room. How amazing is that?

Apple TV is really cool, and is definitely the future of home entertainment. We have saved tons of money and have our favorite shows and movies at our fingertips. Everyday, iTunes is adding more shows and movies; eventually, they will have it all. Would you rather spend hundreds of dollars on cable and renting movies and late fees on content that you can’t even control or would you rather spend money specifically on the content you want to watch? You can spend $300 bucks now and save literally thousands of dollars in the future—and—you will have a customized experience for all of your home entertainment needs.

Get it. For real. It’s worth it. There are the naysayers who complain that iTunes content isn’t HD yet, so the Apple TV is a waste, but they are missing the point. Apple TV is HD-ready, so when the content catches up, Apple TV will already be there. Most people don’t care about HD anyway. But if you do, check out the opening sequence when you first boot up Apple TV. Seriously, it will blow your mind—it’s HDamazing.

What else can I say? I frickin’ LOVE AppleTV.


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