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Why I Love Helen Slater

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The first time I saw Helen Slater was in the 1984 production of Supergirl, which also starred Faye Dunaway. I must say, although I liked the movie and found Helen a good actress and sort of attractive, I was not what you would call smitten. I did feel she was excellent as Supergirl, but she did not instantly impress me, not like Ashley Judd, Jennifer Garner, and Halle.

I also saw Helen as she portrayed Laura Turner in the 1994 version of Lassie, but again, I liked her but there was nothing special. Now I am sitting here at my desk, a mere two weeks after seeing Helen portray Lara-el on the popular show Smallville, wondering how I could be so in love with the same woman. A woman that I saw in her prime nearly twenty years ago. It is something that even I cannot understand.

All I know is that a woman who once appeared to me as a good actress, with good looks, now appears to me as this wonderful, incredibly angelic Jewish Princess, who looks like she just came down from heaven. Actually I think she would be awesome in the role of Helen of Troy.

I think Helen is the only example I know, of a woman who is more attractive than she was twenty years ago. I cannot think of any other woman, actress, or celebrity who I would say that about. In preparing for this article I thought about this for quite some time, and I can think of no other lady past or present who I can say looks better twenty years later.

Now don’t get me wrong. All week, I have been viewing photos of her, reading her articles and fan comments. She certainly looked great during her youth, but now she is just majestic and many of her fans seem to agree with me. My friends and I (male friends of course), all have our top ten. I just moved Helen Slater into my top ten. For men that is pretty dramatic! I suppose I am just a hopeless romantic.

What do I find so attractive about Helen? She has thick gorgeous hair, a beautiful figure, an angelic like face, and deep caring eyes of an almost pristine nature. Her acting ability is also very strong, and she can display a character of deep kindness and emotion very well. She graduated from the highly regarded High School of Performing Arts and is apparently an excellent singer. I really hope she returns to Smallville.

Perhaps it’s me! After all beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. But they tell me I have a pretty good eye for beauty!


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