Why Oh Why ...

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Some of life’s questions.

Why does the jelly side of toast hit the floor when its dropped?

Why do you always end up behind slow drivers then get over and end up behind another slow driver?

Why do we hold grudges for a long time?

Why is it that when you get inspired to write something the idea stops flowing once you start to write?

Why is the DPS so rude?

Why do you have days where you feel so pretty, then the very next day you feel like crap?

Why is it that when you try on clothes in the store, they look different when you wear them after you buy them?

Why do you want to laugh when someone falls down?

Why do we procrastinate?

Why is a guy with an accent so attractive?

Why is it that when you finish a big and detailed project for school, the professor gives you two more?

Why was the movie A.I. created? It was creepy and I hated it!

Why is Imogen Heap’s song Hide and Seek so hypnotizing? Seriously, I don’t understand the lyrics, but the song draws me in.

Why Lady GaGa? Need I say more? She creeps me out!

Why is society (the media or whatever) accepting of Brangelina? He had an affair and Jolie admitted that she fell in love in with him while he was married with Aniston.

Why do simple things end up being difficult?

Why does it always seem to rain right after you have washed your car?

Why do you wake up five minutes before your alarm clock goes off? I need those five minutes!

Why do you have to press one for English?

Why is it that things that tastes so good are so fattening?

Why is there a label “One size fits all” for t-shirts? Its always XXL, and not everyone is XXL.


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