Winter of My Discontent

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Chimes play the northern wind’s musical chords,

Vibrating strings attached to the winter of my discontent.

Passion and desire

Lay within these hallow grounds of lords,

Thrusting weaken, sweet and bitter emotion

Forward with grand intent as overcast skies

And dousing mist covers the love I’ve spent.

Thy holy refuge hides my woeful heart’s repent;

Bittersweet heartaches from chasmic force …

As ill winds blow, ye’ seeks safe haven.

Love has love but no home for the source …

I search infinity for an abode to quell.

Love need not measure the universal realm,

But count the ways it cares for the human helm.

Here thee, O’ desire, find my match in heaven …

I await the day love does seize thee.

My heart grows weak, cold, and dark …

Like an icy rain in a lonely barren park.

Awaken this lion from his long slumber

In this white winter of solace and discontent.


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