The Worst Sun Lines Ever

Editor's Note: DivineCaroline just got loads more swagger now that we'll be hearing from Jersey Shore starlet JWOWW every month. If you couldn't tell from watching her on T.V., JWOWW is one funny, bad-ass chick. Exhibit A: Her sage advice when it comes to getting your tan on. Today, Jenni fills us in on how she avoids the following sun disasters. What the f were these people thinking?! People, if you’re going to work on your tan, there certain rules you have to obey. Wearing a little SPF and knowing when it’s time to call it quits are definitely two of them. Obviously these people missed the memo. Here are some of the worst burn lines I’ve ever seen…let these be a warning to you!!
  • Sunburn

    In the words of Usher, “Let it Burn”…LOL "via":

  • Sunburn

    Yikes!! "via":

  • Giraffe or guidette?

    Giraffe or guidette? "via":

  • Sunburn

    One more reason not to wear a speedo. "via":

  • Jwoww

    If she had laid out in the thong she wouldn’t have the lines! Just sayin’.

  • Jersey Shore

    Alright so there is a lot more wrong with this than just the hat tan lines, but I’m guessing these guys are really wishing they could undo that clothing decision. The hair situation is NOT helping here. "via":

  • Sunburn

    This one just sort of grosses me out, but I feel for them – burning your feet is the worst. Moral of the story: practice safe tanning. Wear your sunscreen and take care of that base tan ahead of time. Tanning lotions like my Black Bronzer are the best way to do this and get the most for your dollar when you’re trying to build a tan. (Learn more about my products here.) These photos are also a good reminder to be aware of where you’re standing and what you’re wearing when you’re in the sun. I’ll do another blog on savvy sunscreen-ing pretty soon here, but keep these photos in mind next time you feel like you’re roasting…you probably are! Which is the worst? Got any funny burn- or tan-line stories of your own? More from JWOWW: "How to Soothe a Sunburn": "Make the Most of Your Bikini Bod": "Heels That Won't Break Ya": "via":


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