Xbox 360 Repair

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Today you are going to learn the easy steps you need to follow in order to be able to carry out Xbox 360 self-repair. Don’t put up with expensive repair bills, lengthy waiting times, or not being able to play your favorite games on your favorite console—repair your Xbox 360 yourself whilst saving time and money. 

The first step of Xbox 360 self-repair is to learn what actually causes the red ring of death. Believe it or not, but overheating is actually the culprit behind this worrying problem. Due to a lack of cooling devices such as heat sinks and fans, large amounts of heat are able to build up very quickly inside the case. This heat then wreaks havoc with the components. The red ring appears to warn you of the problem. 

The next step of learning Xbox 360 self-repair is to purchase a repair manual. Although some people claim that you can repair your Xbox 360 for free by wrapping it in a towel, this is simply not true. However, a repair manual will show you in full video detail exactly how to disassemble your Xbox 360, repair the fault, and then reassemble it correctly and safely. 

So how much will a repair manual cost you? 

For a very long time there were no repair guides available. However, when the first ones appeared on the market, they were quite expensive

often over $100. These days, you can pick up one with full HD video, free customer support, and a money back guarantee for less than $30. 

If you wish to be able to carry out Xbox 360 self repair, you really do need to purchase a repair manual. If not, you risk causing damage to your console or even yourself.


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