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You Can't Curry Love

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Back in our green unripened salad days 
Stale custom microwaving singletons, 
Taste’s textured to youthful desire’s gaze 
We’d slice and break apart tenderest heart 
To feed appetites consumed by beauty’s glaze.

Then one mouth-wateringly fêted day 
Fate’s chef served to plate us together 
But deserting me you would not to stay 
And I, sipping the one cafe au lait 
Knew then heart’s burn, no desert might allay.

When next we met ‘neath mock-flock wallpaper 
(Decorous haunt and nearby restaurant), 
You sang ‘Poppadom Preach’ at the waiter, 
T’was then I first sampled, oh! Angelic Delight 
That sumptuous taste—love at second bite.



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