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Curious Fashion Abounds at the People’s Choice Awards

  • Ashley Greene

    You’d make that face too, if your otherwise-lovely cocktail dress had been commandeered by an ugly hem ruffle. The real tragedy is that her lace-and-leather DKNY had been custom-made for her. Poor Ashley is probably wracking her brain trying to figure out when she upset Donna Karan so much.
  • Carly Chaikin

    “And the award for Best Achievement in Butt Camouflage goes to...Carly Chaikin!"
  • Courtney Coleman

    Currently Ms. Hawaii Teen USA, Courtney Coleman is obviously preparing for a career switch to acting. She seems to be lobbying for a role in _Moulin Rouge 2: Tutu Much_.
  • Ginnifer Goodwin

    Although the the neon pink color of this Roksanda Illincic dress says, “I am a confident trendsetter,” the bell sleeves say, “Does this hide my chubby wrists?”
  • Miley Cyrus

    At first we were going to give her a pass on this dress, which looks like she tried to leave the house in a halter top and hot pants, but her dad got mad so she grabbed a few tablecloths, scraps of fabric, and some festive scarves to tack on. But then we realized that Miley is eighteen now and a Totally Sexy Woman Who Makes Her Own Decisions. So no.
  • Zachary Levi

    It’s hard for a man to screw up the red carpet, but Zachary Levi shows us how it’s done with a look that includes a plaid suit and a fauxhawk.
  • Jennifer Morrison

    Late of _House_ and currently starring on _Once Upon a Time_, Jennifer Morrison seems to be preparing for her “serious-actress” time as the star of a revival of _Arsenic and Old Lace_ in this crocheted Oscar de la Renta.
  • Lucy Hale

    If you didn’t know who Lucy Hale was before, she was in _Scream 4_, she is currently starring on _Pretty Little Liars_, and her stylist really, really hates her. Her dress does too, since it looks like it’s trying to strangle her.
  • Jennifer Lawrence

    Riddle me this Viktor & Rolf...Why would anyone put a mess like that on a gorgeous girl like Jennifer Lawrence? Just, why?
  • Lea Michele

    We get it...this Marchesa is supposed to be all ’20s and Gatsbyish. But in the real 1920’s, we’re pretty sure that they didn’t construct entire dresses out of dental floss. Great heels, though.


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