Get the Sienna Miller Look

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I went to the hair salon this week and, as usual, scoured the internet for photos of lust-worthy hair to bring with me. This inevitably brought me to photos of Sienna Miller (because she always has the best shade of wheat blonde locks and dreamy layers). As I was looking at photos, I couldn’t help but swoon over her clothes and accessories, too.

Known for her boho-chic style (are we still allowed to say that?), Sienna dresses and accessorizes in an effortless way. Whether she’s on the red carpet or on the streets of London, with either a statement necklace or beachy earrings, Sienna knows how to accent her stylish outfits with ease.

Style tips:

Don’t be afraid of layers. Sienna loves breezy layers, cropped blazers, and leather jackets. Throw on a jacket over a cocktail dress, add a shawl to your fancy dress, and nothing pairs better with jeans than a sharp blazer.

Sport scarves. Sienna Miller loves scarves. They can dress up an outfit or add a little flare to a simple outfit. Look for bold patterns, bright colors, and scarves in various weights for all seasons.

Invest in some statement jewelry. Sienna Miller is known for her interesting necklaces and statement earrings. But don’t wear both at the same time. Choose either a bold necklace or colorful earrings and hit the town with the confident Sienna Miller look!


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