Jay-Z Pulls “Occupy All Streets” Shirt from Rocawear

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Jay-Z may have ninety-nine problems, but a shirt ain’t one—anymore. The rapper came under fire this weekend after his fashion label, Rocawear, posted an Occupy Wall Street–themed T-shirt on its website Friday. The shirt, which read “Occupy All Sreets” and was being sold for $22, was meant to show solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement, but the fact that Rocawear had no plans to give any of the money to the occupiers made the whole thing seem less like a show of support and more like a shameless ploy by a famous 1 percenter—Jay Z, we know you’re big pimpin’—seeking to make a profit off of the anti-capitalist movement. Rocawear pulled the shirt from its website Saturday morning. We agree that the T-shirt was in poor taste, but we’re willing to give Mr. Knowles the benefit of the doubt. The glare of the Swarovsky crystal-encrusted bathtub that his unborn baby just received probably made it hard for him to see his moral compass. (Via The Gloss)


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