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Crazy Eyes: Ten Unexpected Contact Lens Patterns

  • Stranger Than Strange

    You know something is bizarre when it’s totally unidentifiable. But if you’re looking to cultivate a seriously mysterious air, there’s no better way to go than with these crazy eyes.

  • Attack of the What?

    Off-color eyes are off-putting, to say the least. These Gambyte lenses from specialty retailer FXEyes will definitely unnerve a few people.

  • Ice Water in Your Eyes

    There’s something to be said for a little subtlety, which these intense, icy-blue lenses from FXEyes definitely don’t deliver.

  • Superfan

    Love soccer? Like, do you really, really love soccer? Then these are the contacts for you. Also available in all sorts of sport styles for those among us who take fandom to a higher level.

  • I’ll Be Back

    You’ll be an unstoppable force in a pair of these robotic lenses that will make people wonder who your manufacturer was.

  • Hollywood-Ready

    If this bit of freaky looks familiar, you may have seen this frightening design in the movie Drag Me to Hell.

  • Card Sharp

    Sport a pair of these at your next poker night. If things go your way, your opponents will be so transfixed by your bizarre pupils, they won’t notice the ace up your sleeve.

  • Smiling Eyes

    Your eyes could convey a goofy mood all on their own with these contacts. With your pupil playing the part of nose, contacts don’t get a lot weirder than this.

  • Windows to the Soul

    Have you ever looked deep into someone’s eyes and felt like they were staring back at you? Well, with a set of mirrored contacts, you can (almost) make that scenario a reality.

  • On the Grid

    Look like you’re fresh out of The Matrix with this crazy, high-tech look.


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