DIY Halloween Costume: Scary Skull Shirt

Halloween has always been one of those holidays that sneaks up on me. I always find myself running around at the last minute to find something Halloween-appropriate to wear. To me, skulls are the epitome of Halloween—spooky and creepy. I created a quick and easy skull top that takes about a half hour and only $10 to create. If you’re like me and in need of a last-minute Halloween party costume, this is the perfect DIY for you. Find out how to create this spooky skull T-shirt below. 

This past summer cutout shirts and dresses were everywhere. This DIY is on trend and perfect, not only for Halloween, but for a night out on the town long after Halloween has passed. It’s a bit of edge even the girliest of girls can wear! A hint of sexiness with a peek-a-boo back paired with a stiletto and your trusted black skinnies, this is the easiest outfit you’ll wear this week.


Time: 15-30 Minutes


  1. Trace out your pattern on the back of your shirt. If you're using a Sharpie, make sure to place a piece of newspaper or cardboard between the layers of the shirt so the ink doesn’t bleed through to the table.
  2. Cut out the pattern with a pair of scissors.
  3. Stretch out the connecting fabric (eyes/teeth).
  4. Wear!

If DIY isn't your thing, check out these other skull garments that are festive for Halloween but can be worn again and again.

Have fun looking spooktacular this Halloween!

Find more fashion inspiration from Samantha at The Brunette One.


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