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Dressing to Minimize a Big Bust

  • Wear the Correct Bra

    A good-fitting bra is the foundation on which you build an outfit. Wearing the wrong size can cause breasts to spill out of cups or bands to be too tight, emphasizing the chest. The remedy? Go to a major department store or lingerie retailer for a professional fitting. Buy bras that fit and in a style designed to support and minimize a large chest.

  • Choose Larger Straps

    Choose shirts with wide straps that will hide the bra straps of a supportive bra. Tops with skimpy straps or strapless varieties offer no reinforcement, causing the breast to sit lower and look larger.

  • Avoid Baggy Styles

    Wearing clothes that fit across the chest but are too big on the rest of the body are not flattering. To avoid looking like you're wearing a tent, cinch in tops and dresses with a belt to highlight a small waist. Also know that a lot of clothing should be tailored to get your best fit.

  • Wear Wrap Style Dresses and Tops

    A wrap style dress is a busty beauty's best friend. The overlapping pieces create a (very flattering) V-neckline and accentuate the waist rather than the bust.

  • Layer a Camisole

    Many shirt styles are going to be too low cut, making the chest take center stage. Layer camis under low-cut garments to maintain your modesty and the outfit's integrity.

  • Find the Right Neckline

    Flattering a voluptuous chest is all about choosing the correct cut. Avoid high necklines and turtlenecks, which can create the dreaded uni-boob. Choose scoop, square, cowl, or V necklines. Allowing a little skin to show at the neck will extend the torso and minimize the size of the bust.

  • Wear Jewelry with the Correct Scale

    A really delicate necklace that sits right at the décolletage won't draw the eye up. Stick with chunky or short style necklaces to best flatter the chest.

  • Create Vertical Lines

    Wear outfits that move the eye vertically. Lines moving up and down the body will lengthen the body and slim the torso, making the chest appear smaller. Consider vertical or diagonal stripes—avoid horizontal stripes—to give the appearance of a smaller chest.


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