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Rain Goodies to Cheer Up Wet-Weather Blues

  • Merona Zan Pattern Rain Boot

    Grey days need vibrant colors like a flower needs the rain—and you just can't get jazzier than these kaleidoscopic galoshes.

  • Target Fleece Rain Boot Liners

    Nobody likes cold feet. Cold and wet feet? Even worse. Consider your soggy-sock woes gone for good. A pair of cozy fleece rain boot liners will keep your feet super snug.

  • Only Polka Dot Skinny Jeans

    It's practically impossible for the storm to get you down when you are wearing this delightful pair of polka dot jeans! These skinnies are a perfect slim fit to slip into your rain boots.

  • Penfield Zip Through Rain Jacket

    Emerald is everywhere right now—even on your rain jacket. This lively piece will definitely make sure you don’t get lost in a sea of boring trench coats.

  • BB Dakota Nature of the City Sweater

    While your jacket takes care of the raindrops, the layers underneath must handle warmth. That's no problem for this comfy jumper that boasts two the of the season's top trends: pastel hues and wide stripes.

  • LA77 Floral Pom-Pom Scarf

    Keep your neck warm and control tresses—in the face of whipping winds—with a scarf. We just love the whimsical pom pom detail on this floral one.

  • Totes Floral-Print Umbrella

    Utility meets feminine charm in this adorable umbrella. Come the next drizzle, you’ll actually be excited to pop open this baby.

  • Coach HC8047 Sunglasses

    We’re absolutely gaga over the ombre effect on these frames. Scan the first rainbow of the season in this pair of fab sunny-colored shades. 


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