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Sunglasses for Every Face Shape

  • Small Head

    Small heads prefer small frames that don't over-power. Cat eyes work well, as do these slim, modified Merona aviators.

  • Big Head

    Wide frames suit bigger heads, so people with larger noggins can play with oversize vintage glam. We like these Gradient sunglasses from Target.

  • Heart-Shaped Face

    Heart-shaped faces – wide forehead and cheekbones with a narrow chin – should aim for cat's eyes or rounder sunglasses while avoiding too much embellishment. We like these bold red Mossimo glasses.

  • Oblong Face

    Oblong faces –  longer with narrow chins and cheeks - should steer away from narrow frames. But oversize or wrap styles work well, like these Nine West sunglasses with a cunning '70s reporter vibe. 

  • Oval Face

    Oval shaped faces are lucky – any sunglasses work on you. Your balanced forehead, cheekbones, and jaw can carry off any style – like these Audrey Hepburn-esque vintage sunglasses. 

  • Square Face

    Square faces with a broad forehead and square jawline look well with round and oval frames, or these aviator sunglasses from Marc Jacobs. Avoid sharp geometric shapes. They emphasize an angular profile. 

  • Round Face

    The full cheekbones, narrow forehead and jaw of a round face are best flattered by wide, rectangular frames. Round frames or colored lenses exaggerate fullness. Try these squared off Athleta sunglasses instead. 


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