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16 Henna Tattoos You'll Want This Summer

  • Prenatal Henna

    Prenatal henna is said to bless the mother and her baby while being a relaxing experience. If you are expecting a little one soon, consider getting a belly-centric design like this one by Blue Lotus Henna.

  • Traditional Wedding Mehndi

    It’s a ceremonial ritual of many traditional Pakistani and Hindu weddings for the bride to have her hands and feet embellished in mind-blowing henna designs that often have personal meaning to the couple, like this design photographed by Wedding Documentary.

  • Traditional Intricate Design

    If you are going for a traditional look, find an artist who is well versed in henna and its tiny, perfect details. We could stare at this gorgeous stain by Traditional Henna by Karen forever. Notice that the stain appears darker on the hand. Skin with more dead layers such as calluses will stain better than thin skin on the face or wrist.

  • Symmetrical Palms

    When your hands meet, they complete the design! Try a fishnet look, like this heart design by Sarahenna.

  • Bedazzled Wrist Cuffs

    It’s like having bracelets with every outfit! We like these cuffs by Syra Skins with or without the sassy studs.

  • Khaleeji Style

    Khaleeji style henna is an Arabic celebration of body art. While just as intricate as traditional Indian style henna, it often appears more free-flowing, like this line design from Henna Trails.

  • Henna Hand Sun

    Sneak some sunshine into your day with a sun-inspired design like this one from Henna by Heather. The henna rings are the perfect finishing touch.

  • Modern Tribal Henna

    This simple hand design by Henna Trails gives the tribal vibe with a modern street-art twist. This look would be so great for a summer vacation.

  • Feathered Compass

    Welcome to the world of hipster henna! Take your favorite feathered tattoo pattern to your henna artist and have it re-created for a temp tattoo your friends will envy. We love this compass design from Sarahenna.

  • Elegant Epaulet

    Your shoulders want in on the fun, too. You’ll be excited to show off your shoulders this summer with an epaulet design such as this one from Henna Lounge.

  • Chest Details

    Channel your inner Rihanna with this sexy lower chest henna by Henna Lounge, great for that teeny bikini you’re wearing this weekend.

  • Flowers and Birds

    Hiding birds and flowers in the tiny details of henna has long been in style. This shoulder peacock embedded in flowers by Volcano Henna is a great take on this lovely tradition.

  • Mandala Henna

    The mandala is an intricate symbol of the universe and looks gorgeous as henna, like this back piece by Zen Henna Montreal.

  • Tulum-Inspired Anklette

    This calf-and-foot henna from Henna Lounge makes us want to do yoga on a sandy, faraway beach. Sigh.

  • Adorned Feet

    Foot henna is traditional and often lasts longer because the henna stain has more thick layers of skin to seep into. Even the toes are included in this fun design from Syra Skins!

  • Henna-Inspired Nail Art

    If you are a super commitment-phobe, then a henna nail design like this one from Colores de Carol might be your perfect wipe-away-whenever fix.


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