4 Items You Should Always Splurge On—And Why

In general, it’s okay to pinch pennies when you’re buying basic knits like t-shirts, underpants, accessories, or anything so trendy that it’ll be passé in a season or two. Just make sure that when you’re shopping for these four items, you’re willing to invest a bit more. It’s worth it.


Coats and Jackets
Again, it’s all about fabrics and construction. When you pay a little more for a nice winter jacket, you get fabrics that wear well and designs that are crafted with attention to detail. You get soft, warm linings and flattering cuts.
Winter coats take abuse, too. They’re snowed on, rained on, shoved in closets, and worn just about every day. At the end of the season, damage to a quality coat can be repaired. Seams can be stitched, linings can be replaced, buttons can be re-sewn. Cheap coats are more likely to sustain damage in ways that can’t be fixed. (Think fabric wearing through at the elbows.) 



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