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Four Tricks to Looking Slim in White Jeans This Summer

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White pants season is upon us, but they can be tricky to pull off if you haven’t been watching your diet very closely—and maybe growing a few extra inches.

But white denim can be a fresh neutral option, and a nice change from all those summer dresses—so we’ve compiled the basic rules for wearing white jeans in the most flattering way possible:

Buy a pair with flare and stretch:
These Hudson Jeans Bootcut pants ($154)—the flare style elongates legs (especially—see next tip—with heels) and the stretch is forgiving, if you’ve had a bad food day. Or week.

Wear heels:
We prefer a camel colored sandal with a wooden sole for the neutral color - it’s not too jarring against stark-white jeans. Wearing a heel is the quickest way we know to make legs look thinner, and, obviously, longer.

Pair with a long tank or tee:
A good rule of thumb for both leggings and white jeans - even if you are tall and thin - is to pair them with a shirt that goes a few inches past the hips. Add a cardigan or a (blue) denim jacket that’s slightly shorter for a slimming proportion.

Wear a seamless, nude thong:
The last thing you want is the unflattering lines and bulges that can come from wearing granny panties with white denim. Always go with a nude thong—or in the other direction with a pair of flesh-colored SPANX—but never full-coverage underwear.

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