New Jean Design Instantly Slims You

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Riders, by the makers of Lee, have a new jean and line of shirts out called the Ultra Fit Collection. The jean promises to instantly flatten a woman’s stomach and enhance her natural shape with a slimmer silhouette. The Ultra Fit tops are designed to instantly slim a woman’s top half.

I recently sat down with Seena Cox, Merchandise Manager of Riders Female Denim at VF Jeanswear, to understand what makes the Ultra Fit Collection so revolutionary in the fashion industry.

What was the vision for the Ultra Fit Collection?

We teamed with TC Squared to do a fit scanning program across the U.S. to learn how women’s bodies are shaped.

It differs among sizes, ethnicities, ages. As we broke down the body shapes, we found the four major body shapes (we call them A, B, C, and D) carry their weight in different places.

For example, shape C is fuller in the front than in the back and short-waisted. As she gains weight, she gains it in the front part. In order to slim her, we used remarkable new design and technology. First, we created a tummy panel in the front of the jean that has a tilted waist. Then we raised the pockets to prevent weight from sagging. The whole purpose was to give this woman a jean that fit her well and made her look best.

How did the launch perform?

The line launched in Fall 2006 in various regions and targeted women over thirty-five years old. The jean is price at retail between $20 and $30 per pair. In many of our retail partner stores, it was the second highest selling item in the store. Our major launch with a national discount retailer, Wal-Mart, also had a great response. Our marketing department uses the phrase “instantly slims you,” which is true to the product. We did tests in three cities to make sure that the product really worked, and the feedback from consumers was that it did.

Why is this design so unique?

We wanted to look at one of women’s biggest jeans fetishes—her tummy. She wants to look slim in her jeans but traditional jeans have a high waist so it shows more of her tummy.

Our stretch shaper fabric does a better job of keeping shape than traditional fabric which tends to not recover well after a day’s wear.

Our fit makes her look slimmer in the fullest part of her body.

How are the Ultra Fit tops designed?

The designers positioned two buttons, instead of one, at the bust, and built in princess seaming to give her more room in the bust. We contoured the waist so that it gives a slimmer look instead of appearing boxy. It’s also longer in the front in case she wants to wear it outside over pants. And it doesn’t have gaping at the back.

What’s next?

This is just one design of many to come. We’ll be doing additional ones for different body shapes. Next we’ll launch a design for the shape that tends to have a larger thigh area.

This article is sponsored by VF Jeanswear.


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