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Novelty Sweaters—Back and Quirkier than Ever

  • Cat Eyeglasses Sweater

    Not surprisingly, many of the season’s graphic sweaters feature images of cats, kittens, tigers, cougars, and other forms of felinity. Not that we’re complaining. It’s a cat wearing glasses! We just died of a cuteness overdose. ($99.99 at

  • Asos sweater

    Yes, sometimes it takes only a few words to get your point across. ($52.77 at

  • French Connection Bow Print Sweater

    If this was any more feminine and ladylike, it would feature the Zooey Deschanel Seal of Approval, which is a tiny stamp of a ukulele with a moustache. ($108 at Lord and Taylor)

  • "Call Me" Knit

    Wear this sweater at your own risk: Strangers will approach you and try to poke you in the breast as they dial random numbers. ($68 at

  • Frenchie Sweater

    Everyone loves a puppy. Why not wear one on your sweater? ($98 at J.Crew)

  • 1-Up Mushroom Pullover

    Show off your ‘80s pride, even if you’re too young to have ever actually played a 16-bit video game system in person. ($19.80 at Forever 21)

  • Wildfox Love Skull Sequin Sweater

    It’s a skull, but it has hearts for eyes. And it’s sparkly, but there are also threatening bones. Is it precious or hardcore? Ahh, maybe it’s both. ($178 at Bloomingdale’s)

  • Eiffel Tower Sweater

    < So ooh-la-la! Everyone loves French-inflected details. Baguette, fromage, pamplemousse, oui! ($22.80 at Forever 21)

  • Sparkle & Fade Sweater

    Look out! Oh, ¬¬phew, it’s just a cuddly knitted shark, not a voracious toothy one. Thank goodness! ($69 at Urban Outfitters)


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