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Seven Outrageous Wedding Gowns

  • White Chocolate Wedding Dress

    Chocolate connoisseur Rococo Chocolates paired up with designer Ian Stuart to create a wedding dress made entirely out of white chocolate. As Billy Idol would say, it’s a nice day for a white chocolate wedding dress. _Photo source: "":
  • The World’s Longest Bridal Train

    A Bucharest fashion label known as Andree Salon hired ten seamstresses to slave away for one hundred days on a wedding dress with a 1.85-mile bridal train. The entire gown, which is now in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the longest bridal train on a wedding dress, ended up costing $7, 300 due to the imported French lace and Italian taffeta. Of course the only way to correctly display a train that is 1.85 miles long is to have it float down from a hot air balloon. This is so convenient since most couples excitedly exchange their vows 500 feet in the air. Oh wait … _Photo source: "":
  • A Wedding Dress Made of Hair

    Fashion designers are always looking to see just how much they can get away with and English designer Thelma Madine has definitely pushed the boundary with this wedding dress design. Madine teamed up with Liverpool hair salon Voodou to create a wedding dress made entirely of human hair. A team of eight put in around 300 hours of work over the span of twelve days to create the dress, which is made up of 250 meters of hair extensions, tens of thousands of individual hair wefts and different pieces of hair, 1,500 crystals, and twelve underskirts. What a unique way to say, “I hairdo.” _Photo source: "":
  • A “Proposal Gown” Made Out of 9,999 Roses

    It may not be a wedding dress, but any dress made out 9,999 roses is okay with us. A Chinese man named Xiao Fan made a dress for his fiancé completely out of roses for her to wear when he proposed to her at an amusement park. A dress as elegant as this being worn at the amusement park doesn’t quite add up for us. But hey, what the heck. He did collect all 9,999 roses himself so we’ll let this one slide. _Photo source: "":
  • Cream Puff Wedding Dress

    Valentyn Shtefano, a Ukrainian baker, took the phrase “it looks good enough to eat” to a whole new level when he designed his fiancée’s wedding gown out of 1,500 cream puffs. The dress, which took Shtefano two months to make, is twenty pounds of pure flour, eggs, sugar, and caramel. Who needs a wedding cake when your dress is completely edible and absolutely delicious? There’s a great tip on how to save money on your wedding. _Photo source: "":
  • Knitted Cocoonlike Wedding Dress

    Yves Saint Laurent designed this one-of-a-kind wedding “gown” (if that’s even what you can call it) in 1965 and was inspired by Russian nesting dolls to create this hand-knitted beauty. Be a doll, and don’t wear this on your wedding day. _Photo source: "":, "":
  • The Condom Wedding Gown

    In 2006, a seamstress in New York commemorated World Aids Day with a wedding dress created by 12, 500 individually colored and stitched condoms. Of course it’s always better to be safe than sorry, but if you wear this on your wedding day, you may be a bit of both. _Photo source: "": Related Stories: "What Your Dream Wedding Dress Says About You": "After “I Do,” What Do You Do with Your Wedding Dress?": "I Hue: The Best Choices for Your “Something Blue”":


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