Stylish Rain Boots: Trendy Wellies We Love

Just because you're all grown up doesn’t mean you can’t play in the rain—and look good doing it! Whether you gravitate toward the classic Wellington boot or are smitten with today's trendy galoshes in bright patterns and colors, we’ve picked the best women's rain boots to keep you looking good and feeling dry.

Classic Wellies
If your style is more traditional, opt for simple black rain boots or a solid color like red or yellow rain boots. These low-heeled boots can be slipped on with any fall outfit—keeping your style chic and waterproof. What makes these gummies so great? First, wellies were first worn by and named after Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington. (You'll look like royalty!) These boots have become a wardrobe staple, because they're made with insulating materials that keep the heat in and water out—great for cold and rainy weather. Nylon fabrics located on the inside of the boot wick away moisture and keep your feet dry while the outside rubber soles provide slip-resistant traction and durability. 

Fashion Rain Boots
If you don't want to change in and out of your boots, these cute rain boots are what you need—they look like regular shoes, but keep you much dryer than those other soles. They offer the same water resistant features of a standard boot, but come with pretty little additions like a gold buckle, fancy faux fur, or that 3-inch heel you love. 

Printed Rain Boots
Add some color to a gloomy day with a pair of printed rain boots. The wide shaft of the boot makes it easy to slip on over jeans or a pair of knee-high stockings. Bonus: With these women's rain boots, you can show off your playful sidethanks to the array of colors and printswhile still keeping your feet and legs dry. 


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