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Supermodel Secrets: 4 Little Tricks for Breaking in Fall Boots

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1. Make friends with your cobbler.
I know we’re not in the 18th century anymore, but hear me out! Finding a good cobbler is just as important as having a tailor or dry-cleaner that you trust. Along with handling all of your shoe repair and resoling needs, a cobbler can stretch most pairs of slightly-too-tight boots out for not too much money.
2. Freeze your boots into submission.
Fill plastic zip-lock bags with water, place them inside your boots, and then put your boots in the freezer overnight. As the water expands, so will the leather. I know it sounds a little crazy, but this is one home remedy that actually works!
3. Wear them around the house.
This one might seem obvious, but a lot of women forget it and then regret it... You should always take your new boots for an at-home test run before wearing them out on the street. Wear extra-thick socks (or two pairs) to avoid blistering while you break them in.
4. Mix up a leather stretching spray.
Fill a spray bottle with half rubbing alcohol and half water, and then go to town spritzing the inside of your boots. That’s the same formula shoemakers use to stretch and relax the leather fibers.
Have you tried any of these tricks before?
Let me know how they worked for you!
Love, Molly



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