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Wedge Sneakers for Stylin', not Sportin'

  • Sole Boutique "Iona II" Sneaker

    These are a budget-friendly dead ringer for the Isabel Marant wedges that kicked off the whole craze. The bold coors and sharp styling are more expensive-looking than actually expensive. ($96 at

  • Topshop "Acrobatics - Dalmation" Sneaker

    Dalmations make terrible pets. But they make adorable shoes! These aren't made of _actual_ dalmations, of course. That would be terrible. This is getting a little off-track, isn't it? ($90 at Nordstrom)

  • Ash Cool Wedge Sneaker

    The delicate rosy pink color of these sneakers offsets the tough styling. Very '80s. ($250 at

  • Jeffrey Campbell "Teramo Spike" Sneaker

    Comfy as well as a valuable self-defense tool. ($224.95 at

  • Steve Madden "Hilight" Sneakers

    Bling, blang, blung. The only problem you'll have while wearing these is that you'll have to constantly keep stealing them back from Kanye West. (When you wear these shoes, you automatically become BFFs with Yeezy.) ($149.95 at

  • ASOS "Deny" Studded Wedge High Top

    The olive green color and tough hardware give these sneaks a military-esque edge. ($73.88 at

  • GoJane Suede Canvas Wedge Sneakers

    These might just be our favorite of the bunch...cute, affordable, and they come in a dazzling array of colors including cobalt blue, hot pink, and sunny yellow. ($24.90 at

  • Xhilaration "Sandra" Wedge High-Top

    Sleek and greige, these are like your fancy sneakers. For fancy sneaker-wearing occasions. ($29.99 at Target)

  • Giuseppe Zanotti Wedge Zip Sneaker

    If Kim Kardashian went kamping... These luxe wedges are like outdoorsy shoes for people whose only experience with the outdoors is walking from door to limo. Very 1-percent of you. ($595 at Barneys New York)


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