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Winter Shorts Worth Braving the Cold For

  • Leather-Look Shorts

    This flat-front pair is simple, but the look of real leather keeps them interesting. Leather-look shorts, $52.77

  • Floral Tapestry Shorts

    If there's such a thing as "formal shorts," these feel fancy like a vintage tapestry. Tapestry shorts, $64

  • Lace "Peacock" Shorts

    These shorts are covered with a layer of faux-peacock feathers, almost creating the look of a kicky miniskirt. Gilded Peacock lace shorts, $225

  • High-Waisted Floral Shorts

    There are two kinds of women in the world: those who wear hot pants and those who do not. If you are a hot-pants-wearing woman, you could do worse than these. Printed embroidered short, $114.34

  • Embellished Paisley Shorts

    When you wear these out on Saturday night, don't be surprised if everyone's looking at your butt, because they will be. In a good way. Embellished shorts, $70

  • Pearl Beaded Shorts

    The color feels springy, but it's balanced out by the wintery pearl studs. Pearl beaded shorts, $38

  • Houndstooth Shorts

    These have a conservative, boxy shape and a little extra length. Perfect with a black blazer. Pleated shorts, $70

  • Glitter Shorts

    As if someone crushed up a disco ball and spilled it all over your lap. Colorful glitter shorts, $19.80

  • Floral Lace Shorts

    Wear them now with tights and a sweater; wear them bare-legged in spring. You win either way! Floral lace shorts, $17.80

  • Neoprene Shorts

    In an ultra-modern palette of palettes and dark black, this pair in neoprene with an elasticized waist feel super-sporty. Shorts, $195

  • Gold Snake-Print Shorts

    What Dynasty's Krystle Carrington would wear if she wore winter shorts. (She probably does, come to think of it.) Sequined pleated shorts, $86.44

  • Floral Lace Shorts

    A different take on floral lace, this pair's soft, flowy silhouette is complemented by a scalloped hem. Scalloped lace short, $78


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