Yes, You Can Wear Printed Jeans!

This season, if you’re wearing a pair of plain indigo denim, you’re behind the times, because the hottest trend in jeans is the pattern. Florals and dots and stripes, oh my! Seriously—they're everywhere, and the great thing about this trend is that everyone can wear printed denim. Seriously! All it takes is a little know-how in the pattern-picking department. Pin thin? Thunder thighs? Too short? Here’s how to find your perfect print.

Pear-shaped? Pick Small Prints
To downplay hips and thighs, pick a small, dainty pattern that’s uniform all over, like polka-dots, small florals, or other micro minis. Bonus points if it’s in a dark color. 

Need Extra Height? Look for Stripes
Vertical stripes create the illusion of extra height. Wear with a solid-color tops and ankle booties for an extra bump. 

Skinny Pins? Go Light

If your legs are on the skinny side, look for light-colored patterns in pink, lavender, or yellow. Large irregular patterns, shiny coatings,  and anything with horizontal elements will also help create balance for your bottom half. 

Top Heavy? Be Bold

To downplay a big bust, medium-sized prints with high contrast can really draw focus away from your chest. Pairing with brightly colored shoes completes the look.


Too Tall?  Find a Fine Pattern

If you're taller than average, a subtle print on a dark color highlights legs without creating extra height. The key is to make sure that the jeans are long enough; ankle-lengths just make you look taller, so go for styles with extra room at the bottom.


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