The Game

I was at some kind of bordgame land, and i was on start. The people of the board game didnt like us for some reason and were stuck up. The some guy looked the a fix of the peanut guy and Mr. Monopily. The first challenge was to babysit an animal. I got a talking cat that looked nothing like a cat. I fell inlove with him. Then, the secne changes, andall of a sudden i am I front of 2 cars. One girls yells, "Its mine!" and i yell the same. I didnt know what is was intill i saw the cars. Then It drasticly changed to me in a dirty barn type room. There was a girl there (redhead) who was sitting in a chair waith her mother behinde her braiding her hair. The talking cat was also there. We were all having a conversation about.. Um.. well.. Male anotomy.. If you catch my drift.. I have no idea why this happened..