Are Dads Just Really Selfish Cavemen?

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If your man wants to be there “just for the fun” and not for “the hard part,” then you might have a caveman living in your house.

Moms, wives and brides to be, apparently it’s a secret that the men/fathers of our children don’t have the motivation, time or energy to be an every day dad. The author of a recent article in the Times of London, which was written to let women in on the “secret lives” of their husbands, sat down with this man for an interview:

“I think every dad knows this: work is your friend,” says Simon, forty-nine, a fund manager. “It’s about the only weapon men have got left in these days where husbands and wives are supposed to share all the chores equally. Because of my job I have to work pretty hard. But not nearly as hard as my wife thinks I work. Weekends especially. And it’s not that I don’t love my kids; I adore them more than anything. It’s just that I like them to see me at my best, when I’m doing fun stuff with them, rather than worn down with tedious ferrying duties: recorder concerts, ballet classes, that kind of thing.”

Hmmm. So it’s true, then? They ARE as lazy and self-centered as we claim they are? Somebody, please enlighten me/us: Are Dads Really Selfish Cavemen? Tell us your thoughts here!

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