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Abundance at Your Doorstep

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Lush, Green Grass
It is early summer. Each time I step out of my home, I am embraced by brilliant greenery. Trees and grass expand until they meet the clear blue summer sky. In May, we planted grass seed around our new home and within days we had a beautiful, lush lawn. It amazed me how easy it was to just plant seeds and see life explode out of the dusty brown earth. Wow.

Urban Garden
I grew up in urban Montreal. Most of my life I lived in medium/high density housing. The extent of my gardening experience consisted of an annual attempt to grow a potted geranium. Even then, we would always be pleased to see new blooms on our small plant.

Abundance as a Choice
No matter where you live, there is always an opportunity to experience, see, and enjoy abundance.

What do I mean by “abundance”? Most of you might first go to financial wealth and prosperity. When we look at the spiritual laws of the universe, abundance takes on a deeper and broader light than within the economically driven status quo.

Not Just Economics
We are heading into a low in our economic cycle. The news enjoys touting all that is lacking, ending, and dissipating in the world around us. I choose not to focus on or embrace this way of seeing the world. Now, don’t get me wrong here, I am not putting on rose colored glasses; I am just turning my head and choosing a more joyful perspective.

Let’s look at abundance as a feeling. Our feelings are our point of attraction. Remember, like attracts like. So, if we choose to feel “abundant” about the world around us, we will continue to attract more abundance. If we walk around with a sense of “lack,” meaning a feeling that what we have is not enough or that what others have is better … guess what? That is where you will stay and stagnate.

Let’s get back to growing grass and planting seeds. You can feel abundant just about anything in your life. As a matter of fact, if you are sitting at a computer right now, my guess is you can make a pretty long list. Abundance can be found all around us. In nature, in our work place, in our bodies/health, in our families and friends, our pets. Most of us don’t have to look further than our own hearts to find what we have in our lives to truly feel abundant about. Abundance is a wonderful seed that if planted, will grow and flourish.

Waking Up and Seeing It
I recently took on a weight loss program and have now lost twenty pounds. I caught myself one day, early in the program, standing in the grocery store feeling deprived. Can you imagine it? Standing in a big box store that could feed a small country with enough money in my pocket to buy a week’s worth of groceries and feeling deprived. I slapped myself out of that pretty quickly. As soon as I chose to look at the abundance of choice that lay before me my perspective shifted and it all became much easier.

I wake up every single morning and go to sleep every night going over in my head all that I have to be grateful for. I sleep like a baby most nights and my life is abundantly full of joy. Joy is what I choose to see. It can be that simple.


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