Are You Brand Loyal?

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With the economy in such bad shape, is anyone really brand loyal anymore? Name brand products cost more (on average), but are they better/more effective than generic?

I decided to really think about what my family and I brand loyal to. There are a few things, though increasingly we are opting for generic.

My family and I are loyal to:

Diet Coke: Love, love, love it. There are never coupons on it, but it’s worth it. I always wait for it to go on sale though. Regular price is over $4, which is crazy. Also like their rewards program.

Ragu: We’ve tried other tomato sauces and our family loves this one.

Stouffer’s Frozen Meals: I’ve tried Healthy Choice, Smart Ones, Lean Cuisine and many others and Stouffer’s is still at the top of the list. I like their rewards program too.

Purina Cat Food: My cat Coco will literally vomit up any other brand. And I have tried others, like Iams, but he’s not having it.

Scott Toilet Paper: We’ve tried other brands and aren’t liking them.

Ballpark Hot Dogs and Sugardale Hot Dogs:These I think are tied in my family. Sugardale is almost always cheaper though, but there usually aren’t coupons.

Green Giant Veggies: We stock up on frozen veggies, great flavor.

Crystal Light: We love their peach tea and lemonade flavors. Not really a brand, but I love them! Almost always, their prices are cheaper than other stores. Before I buy, I always check there first.

Kraft and Nestle Products: I’ve always had good experiences with their products. Plus both companies send out lots of coupons and freebies.

Organic Apples from Costco: Presliced, prepackaged, my son gobbles them down.

I’m sure there are more but that’s all I can think of for now …

We’re not loyal to:

Any Brand of Paper Towels: If it can absorb liquid, it works.

Garbage Bags: We usually prefer the Target brand, though Giant Eagle is good. Costco are the best though.

Name-brand Drugs: Over the counter drugs from Costco like allergy pills, heartburn medicine, etc. I will never go back to Claritin again. I can get a huge bottle, 300 allergy pills at Costco, for about $10. They last for months.

Bread: My family will eat almost any type of bread, store brand, etc.

Cheese: I’ve tried them all probably. To me, Kraft, Sargento, Heluva Good and the others are about the same in taste and quality. Lately I’ve been opting to get a big block of cheddar cheese at Costco for only $4, much cheaper than the smaller blocks at the grocery store.

Cereal: We love Kellogg’s, General Mills, generic, you name it. There are so many cereal coupons out there, it’s easy to just go with the better deal.

Baking Goods Products: Generic flour, sugar, salt, spices, etc. etc. all taste the same

Eggs: Store brand works for us, though with the recent egg recall, makes me start rethinking that …

Bottled Water: Costco sells a twenty-four pack for $4. Good water, good price.

Meat: Typically we get meat at Giant Eagle, though we like Costco’s rotisserie chickens. Good value at $4 each.

Are you brand loyal?



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