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I have a connection. We usually use that phrase when we want to get something or finally have something that we want in an easier way. It could be a free ticket, or even higher than that. A good job. A high position.

I had this friend once. She has so many connections to get her way. Or more appropriately, her dad has huge connections. Ever since we finished university, she has never had any difficulties in getting a job. You name it, she got it. And she was never shy to brag about it. Which is fine, if only she could do just the same to me. I visited her in one of the biggest foreign banks here in Jakarta to see her one day. We met her colleague. She was a nice person. I looked at her in awe because, well, she looked so grown up with her office suit. She asked me whether I had landed myself a job and I said no. So she offered her help. And then suddenly my so-called-friend cut our conversation and said to her colleague that I am still unable to operate computers with Microsoft. So her friend kind of backed off a bit and advised me to learn about it quickly. Hmmm, what a friend. Of course, I am not surprised when I think about it right now. She is a person who got a job through somebody else. And of course, she did not want another competitor—me.

Anyway, back to having a connection. It happened a lot in my office. Someone knows some hot shot working in Central Bank who has a very close relationship with another big shot in the office. So talking here and there, this person finally gets a promotion to a higher position. And so on. Am I jealous? Probably yes. Imagine. These people do not have to waste time and energy to get everything that they want. They do not have to start from the bottom of the gutter before finally reaching some place better. And that is only if they can go to a better place. They do not have to pass through some stupid test or interview. Or worse, bribe the person in charge to get you in the job. They just walk through and enjoy their life.

But then again, I probably will not. Nobody gives anything for free, especially help. One day, they will ask to return the favor. And trust me. It is not so nice. I have heard so many things like, oh if it was not from me she will not get a job. Or his kids will not survive in the hospital if I do not give the parents a loan. Etc., etc., etc.

I do not want to be reminded constantly about help to get a higher position from someone over and over again. I think it will be humiliating. Just to ask for help is already degrading, in my honest opinion. 

So I think if I have a connection to get a free pass, or free things, I think that will be fine. It is not a matter life and death. But if this connection is gonna give me something heavier, as if my life depends on it, then probably I will think about it a thousand times. I hate to owe something big to anyone. Hopefully, my life will never ever depend on someone else. This job, no matter how crap it is, I got it by myself. I have nothing to be sorry about. But then again, maybe I am just saying that because I do not have a big connection to help me improve my life.


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